In today’s hectic environment, parents may not find enough time to provide their children with the inputs that enable a child to grow with the right values and with an appreciation of our spirituality and religious diversity. An attempt to bring our children closer to these values through the stories from various religions and folklore in a creative and fun manner is the essence behind the Little Souls program.

Our 'Soul' Mission

To provide an interactive value education program to our children through storytelling, games, exercises, activities, craft projects that is a ‘value’able yet fun filled experience for them. The effectiveness of the techniques used, make it a fulfilling experience for the teacher too!

The stories that we use are from the rich storehouse of our own Indian mythology and folklore rather than western literature thereby familiarizing our children with their own rich cultural heritage – why idolize a Superman or a Cinderella when we can look up to a Buddha or Guru Nanak?

The stories are linked with a festival to provide our children with a greater awareness of our own culture and traditions. Special efforts are made to steer clear of the ‘more obvious’ and ‘overdone’ themes and expose the children to the lesser-known regional and national celebrations.

The Program covers festivals and stories from all faiths practiced in India to help the children develop an overall appreciation of our spirituality and religious diversity. And also to generate a healthy sense of respect for one and all - irrespective of any considerations.

And most importantly, the Program attempts to cross link values across different faiths to make the children realize that the major values and principles of all religions are one and the same. Understanding this ‘Universal Truth’ will help them grow into a more secular and tolerant generation in the true sense of the word.