It’s never too early to sow the seeds of ‘goodness’ in the hearts of our little children. The words “Catch’em young” have never been more fitting in their significance as they are today in their relevance to raising children firmly grounded in a strong value system. In fact the younger they are, the stronger are the roots because the child is still a believer – observing and absorbing impressions which get indelibly imprinted on their ‘Little Souls’. Therefore, inculcating the right values at the right time can go a long way to make each little step of theirs’ a giant stride in the right direction towards becoming ‘good’ individuals.

In today’s hectic environment, parents may not find enough time to provide inputs that enable a child to grow with the right values and an appreciation of our spirituality and religious diversity. This function was automatically performed in our homes by grandparents and the elders of the family, but has disappeared from the homes we have created for our children. Likewise, with the modern education system paying more attention to academics and with the ‘Moral Science’ classes (something that our generation grew up with) a thing of the past – something needs to be done about instilling good moral value in children of today.

The environment our children are growing up in and into is one of extreme competitiveness, tremendous peer pressure and complete self centredness. Therefore, there is a pressing need to equip our children with the necessary life skill required to deal with the pressures of living in a world that we have created for them. Again, how each child will react to and cope with these challenges will be determined by the values we have given to them. Hence the need for inculcating a sound value system in our children has never been as vital as it is today.

Little Souls is trying to make a small though sincere effort in this direction.
An attempt to make our children aware of these values through stories from various religions and folklore in a fun and creative manner is the essence behind the Little Souls Program.