Complementing the formal school curriculum, the Little Souls Program aims to teach children good moral values. The Festival Program is a Seven Year Program designed to provide our children with a greater awareness of our own traditions and values as well as an overall appreciation of our spirituality and religious diversity.

The Program is ideally suited to children between the ages of 4 and 10 – i.e. Class Nursery to Class 5.

Through our Festival Program, we take up one major festival concurrent in that month to promote an appreciation of the immediate event and so increasing it’s relevance and retention.

Each Session is of 60 - 90 minutes duration – with the flexibility of being conducted in installments at the convenience of the Instructor thereby fitting in within the school curriculum and time schedules with ease.

This Program covers festivals from all major religions, including certain regional as well as national celebrations. Special effort has been taken to steer clear of the ‘more obvious’ and already ‘over – done’ themes and expose our children to the less celebrated and the lesser known festivals. The Festival Program Schedule is enclosed.

During the Session, we attempt to talk to the children about the ‘whys and the hows’ of the celebrations.

This is followed by an interactive story session about the festival

The main elements of the stories are reinforced through art and craft on individual story sheet.

We also associate a specific value/message with each festival in an effort to inculcate values that are unique part of our culture and tradition. This value/message becomes the underlying theme of the session. It runs through the story chosen about the festival and this message is reinforced through a variety of interesting exercises, activities as well as a ‘Take – Home Craft’. Many of the activities are designed to take the learning beyond the classroom in an effort to help our young ones practice the lessons they are being taught. So, along with celebrating festivals we explore values that are important for the holistic development of the children.

All the components of the session are designed to make the children have fun. While the children enjoy the activities the message also passes on most effectively

Moreover, the values chosen are those that children that age can identify and relate to. The values are simplified and defined to such and extent that the children can understand, assimilate and absorb the same

At the end of each Session, along with the ‘Take - Home Craft’ we also send a Recall Card, which sums up the contents – the story as well as the value of the Session for the benefit of the parents

We also regularly communicate with the parents through letters keeping them informed about the festivals, stories and values being explored with the children in hope that they will make an effort to reinforce the same at home. A combined and concerted effort of the teachers and parents alike will help create an impact on the hearts and minds of our children and help them to grow up as more ‘aware’ individuals

A number of leading Schools in Delhi have adopted The Little Soul’s Festival Program as part of their value education program