Why does the LSP aim to teach good Values?

With strong western influences and the nuclearisation of Indian families, the children and no longer adequately exposed to the traditional Indian value system that has endured for over 5,000 years. Further, in today’s hectic environment, parents may not find enough time to provide their children with the inputs that enable a child to grow with the right values and with an appreciation of our culture and religious diversity. An attempt to bring our children closer to these values through stories based on Indian festivals from all faiths in a creative and fun manner is the essence behind the Little Souls program.

Why does LSP use Indian stories?
The Indian value system can be best explained in an Indian context supported by examples from select Indian stories.

The Indian stories and examples orient the children to our own heritage rather than western literature – why idolize a Superman or a Cinderella when we can look up to a Buddha or Guru Nanak?

Why does LSP link stories to Indian Festivals?
These stories are linked to Festivals celebrated in India that are already a part of the EVS/ SST curriculum in all schools. This enables the schools to better integrate the program within their existing curriculum and schedule.

The stories are linked with a festival to provide our children with a greater awareness of our own culture and traditions.

The Program covers festivals and stories from all faiths practiced in India to help the children develop an overall appreciation of our culture and religious diversity and a healthy sense of respect for one another.

And most importantly, the Program attempts to cross link values across different faiths to make the children realize that the broad values of each faith have similar messages. Understanding this ‘Universal Truth’ will help them grow into a more secular and tolerant generation

Why does LSP link the Indian Festivals to an EVS/SST topic?
Just like the value is rooted in a story, and the story rooted in a festival, the festival in connected with a EVS/SST topic to provide a suitable starting point to begin discussion