Exposing children to the rich fabric of our diverse and multicultural heritage through discussion on the festivals celebrated across our country is a part of the EVS curriculum of most schools.

The Little Souls Program offers to do the same in a structured and organized manner by supplying materials and content that on the one hand explores the fun and frolic associated with these festivals by exposing children to ‘the whys and the how’s’ of the celebrations and on the other hand delves deeper through stories associated with the festivals into their significance and the universal messages that it carries for one and all.

The task of imparting this information is made simpler and easier for the teachers by providing thoroughly researched lesson plans and resource materials which will enable them to do the needful in an interactive, playful yet meaningful manner.

This is accompanied with individually packed story, exercise, activity and craft kits for each child which encourages them to use their different faculties including their head, heart and hands to maximize the learning experience. As a result, it leaves a longer lasting positive impression on the minds of the little ones.

The individual kits for children and the instructional material for the teachers together help the teacher to deliver the lesson, its content and message with maximum effect.

Having worked with a number of leading schools in Delhi, Little Souls has devised a unique logistical system to make The Little Souls Program an enjoyable and convenient ‘out of the box’ teaching experience for teachers.